Voices of the Ancient & Modern Mythology offers a bridge between the youth and the teachings of elders from around the world while supporting the process of creativity and community healing.

We are meeting the younger generation where they are by offering dynamic music videos with conscious lyricism, songwriting and storytelling from a collective of artists producing Hip-Hop and other forms cutting-edge, modern music. This is an engaging way of introducing ideas to high school and middle school students to be bridged with documentary segments of elder teachings, leading into talking circles and workshops for creative expression.

This project is fiscally sponsored by NAAME  (Northwest Alliance for Alternative Media and Education, 501c3) in collaboration with Keys, Beats, Bars.

We are currently raising funds to set this project in motion, along with a pending grant that will match all contributions, allowing us to purchase equipment. Donations of any amount can be made to our partner non-profit NAAME for tax write-off purposes: PO Box 42671, Portland, Oregon 97242



Original documentary series featuring Wisdomkeepers and human-rights leaders from different parts of the world, with a focus on indigenous elders from Turtle-Island (First-Nation North America) and Africa.


Dynamic music videos with conscious lyricism, songwriting and storytelling from artists around the world producing Hip-Hop and other forms cutting-edge, modern music featuring collaborations with powerful artists who deliver life-affirming messages.


Virtual workshops utilizing our engaging content to introduce a particular theme and topic to high school and middle school students, leading into community talking circles to explore practical solutions and workshops to support creative expression featuring our roster of guest artists.

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As we face the current challenge of diminishing in-person community and healthy social connection, we recognize that youth growing up today are especially vulnerable to toxic virtual landscapes. Educators may find it difficult to engage youth and maintain interest and attention through virtual classrooms, in a social-media environment of high-speed information and screen-time overload.

We live in the age of information, where wisdom is the hardest to find.

It isn’t a lack of information, it is overwhelm to the point where we have no understanding of what is important. We are aiming to restore a connection between the youth and wisdom of the elders, by first meeting them where they are and offering guidance for ways of restoring connection within oneself, one’s environment and one’s community.


Young people all over the world are recognizing that a new story is needed and they are seeking that but unfortunately there is almost nowhere to go to express this. Without the support of a community, as a result, a lot of the times these expressions turn into frustration, rage, depression and other forms of grief. This energy could be seen as “rebellious” at an age when they would normally be going through an initiation, if an intact and healthy village was in place.

Corporate-owned media narratives are not the only reality, but many people have gotten lost in this illusion, especially with the increased use of modern-technology and screen-time. Historically, within cultures all over the world, community was informed through the visions and dreams that people would have. This would not just be one special person but the dreams that are moving through the village, with each person contributing to the evolving vision of the community. Also, ceremonies such as the vision quest, where people would go up on the mountain to seek an understanding and clarity of their purpose, would provide a way of receiving such information. They would come down with gifts for the village and the collective story would change. Although at this time we may not have the capacity to take youth out to vision quest, at least we can hold space for a virtual talking circle where everyone’s voice is heard, honored and respected. 

We believe the collective healing of society's grief is manifested through individual healing, supported by community. Our dream is for the younger generation to experience this, to express their unique voice, awaken to their gifts and be a part of creating solutions, grounded in community-values and traditional life-ways.


Contributions of any amount can be accepted through our 501c3 non-profit partner for tax write-off purposes. Please indicate "VOICES OF THE ANCESTORS" along with your donation. Thank you.

Checks of any amount can be mailed to:

PO Box 42671
Portland, OR 97242

Online donations can be made through:

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